Top 3 Myths about Background Checks


Chances are you have already formed an opinion about background checks even if you’ve never needed one. Background checks may seem daunting, but the process doesn’t have to be so complicated. 

There are many myths and misconceptions about background checks from both the employer and candidate perspective that can leave questions about what a background check entails. 

In this blog, we will be discussing some common misconceptions that you may have when it comes to background checks and outline the facts to illustrate why they are important, not only during the hiring process but also when maintaining company culture.

"Some myths that may surround background checks from both the employer and candidate perspective are"

MYTH #1: Background checks take a long time 

The hiring process can feel like a lengthy process from start to finish. HR professionals need to go through a lot of steps to make sure they are hiring the right candidate for the position. A common misconception is that incorporating background checks into a hiring process may extend the average 25 business days that it takes to hire a new candidate. When the hiring process is prolonged, it delays onboarding and may cause the candidate to feel as if they are not a priority if communication is not clear. 

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to streamline their hiring process should consider incorporating Certn Lime into their strategy. Certn Lime can offer recruiters faster, simple to read, and hassle-free background screening results in less than 15 minutes. With faster results hiring teams will be able to:

  • Get in contact with candidates fastereliminating the possibility of a great candidate accepting a different position. 
  • Narrow down the candidate poolemployers will be able to see early on if potential candidates align with company values and ethics. 

Not every background screening experience needs to be long and drawn out. Aligning hiring practices with a fast and seamless product is a surefire way to ensure applicants can be onboarded quickly, improving reputations for both background screening processes and the hiring organization.

MYTH #2: Background checks are only for the hiring stage 

Many organizations may have the perception that background screening is only done at the beginning of the hiring process. An organization that values both its culture and employees prioritizes safety and comfort while on the job. 

One of the ways that organizations can help build a positive work environment is to incorporate a policy for random screening throughout employment. In our blog How Background Screening Can Help Improve Your Brand Reputation, we outlined some of the main reasons why ongoing background checks can benefit businesses and how they are key to maintaining brand reputation. When leadership creates a work environment that is high in trust, employees will experience 74% less stress as well as:

  • Use 13% fewer sick days
  • Feel 40% less burnout
  • And have 106% more energy at work

Background checks are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to screen both job applicants at the early hiring stages and current employees. Results can provide valuable information and insight into a person and can allow organizations to: 

  • Be transparent with employeesallow for an open and honest relationship to emerge. 
  • Build and maintain a work culture that is based around trusteveryone can feel comfortable with one another.


MYTH #3: Background checks are only needed for large organizations

Another ongoing myth that is regularly associated with background checks is that they are only accessible and feasible for large organizations. This is simply not true. In fact, any company regardless of size can benefit from implementing background checks especially as workplaces shift to a remote work model because of the pandemic. 

When organizations hire a new employee or a freelancer, it is important to conduct background checks as they can help mitigate various risks such as:

Background checks can ensure that the candidates who are hired align with a company’s culture and values. Regardless of company size or industry, any individual being recruited is gaining access to company information and being put into trusted positions with a brand’s reputation at stake. 

Certn offers various background screening solutions for businesses of any size at an affordable price that can help with assuring the right candidate is hired for the position. 



Background checks are often misunderstood, due to rampant misconceptions and myths that may affect how companies and candidates perceive them. The truth is that background screening tools have changed and become increasingly accessible for any organization looking to hire and maintain a strong culture built off of trust. 

With Certn, your company can easily access various background check results faster like ID Verification, Criminal Record Checks, and even Employment Verification that can help streamline your hiring process and make regular screening easier.

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