Unraveling the SAAQ Abstract: What it is and where HR Professionals can get one

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As an HR professional, we know your day is packed with things to do and time is limited. We know a great deal of detail goes into your day-to-day job, with deadlines to meet, tasks to complete and policies to review.

At Certn, we can relate to the day-to-day tasks in Human Resources, because our days are filled with much of the same. As a value-driven company working in the field of background checks, we understand the regulations and compliance that need to be met when managing people’s information and bringing on new employees.

That’s why in today’s article, we’re looking at something that you might not run into every day: the SAAQ abstract.

Okay, let’s dive in.

First, what is the SAAQ?

The SAAQ is an acronym for the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec. The SAAQ is an administrating board of directors appointed by the Government of Quebec to manage and regulate driver information. They manage driving-related forms, official documents, educational tools, and statistics, to name a few. More information about the SAAQ who they are and what they do can be found on the SAAQ Website.

About the SAAQ Abstract

More information about the abstract.

In a nutshell, the SAAQ Abstract is a driver’s abstract for individuals who have a driver’s license issued in Quebec.

Usually, this document is a requirement when hiring a new candidate for a position that requires a driver’s licence. For hiring peace of mind, you would want to obtain an SAAQ abstract when that candidate holds a valid driver’s license in Quebec.

The document includes information about an individual’s driving record, including any convictions and demerit points. Abstract information can be obtained online, or in person at one of their service outlets. Of course, it goes without saying you will need permission from your candidate, however we’ll touch on that a bit more later.

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The SAAQ has an online portal, called the SAAQCLIC. The English page can be found on the SAAQ website on the English SAAQclic page or if you prefer, the French SAAQcliq page.

At the portal, you can check to see if a driver’s licence is valid, and you will be able to obtain the driving record of the applicant in question.

Information on the abstract will include:

  • Licence validity
  • Demerit point bracket of the applicant in question
  • The number of demerit points accumulated by the driver
  • Conditions and endorsements that have been added to the licence
  • Any offences committed by the bearer of the licence
  • Driver’s licence classifications
  • Any medical restrictions the driver may have
  • Driver experience

Heavy Vehicle Driver Conduct Record

As an HR professional, you might be recruiting for a position for a commercial vehicle that is in a specialized class of vehicles. This could range from transport trucks, buses, or heavy equipment vehicles that are required to be on the road. In this case, abstracts can be obtained with the heavy vehicle driver conduct record.

To request a driver’s abstract for a specialized class, information about the process can be found at the SAAQ Transportation of Goods Conduct page, once more, the SAAQclic page.

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General best practices for recruiters when referencing the SAAQ Abstract

  1. Ensure the name and date of birth provided matches the applicant’s exact information as listed on their government-issued identification. This will help ensure accurate results.
  2. Double check all information included in the abstract for accuracy before making any decisions about a potential employee or client based on this report.
  3. Do not rely solely on the SAAQ Abstract as your source of information when deciding. It’s important to consider other factors when hiring such as experience, references, and overall suitability for the role.
  4. Always obtain permission from an individual before obtaining an SAAQ Abstract. Additionally, be sure that they understand how their personal information will be used and stored in accordance with privacy laws. For more information on privacy laws in Canada, please refer to the Personal Information Protection And Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA) for more information.
  5. Be aware of any legal restrictions that may apply to viewing or using an SAAQ Abstract for certain applications. It is important to be familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding SAAQ Abstracts before viewing or using them in any capacity. We hope this article has been helpful. At Certn, we have tools that are designed to help HR professionals who recruit workers in the transportation and logistics field. For more information feel free to check out the tools we offer for active professionals in the field of recruitment.


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